Quality requirements

All invoices for payment that relate to this order, must reference the above mentioned order number. It is essential that this requirement be adhered to, in order to proceed with the corresponding payments. Having the indicated order number also applies to sending and receiving material and parts. 


The supplier will allow access, in all applicable areas, to BRONCESVAL S.L. staff, their client, and the authorities, in all levels of the chain of supply applicable to the order, including all documentation that the quality control department of BRONCESVAL S.L. deems necessary.


The Supplier shall notify BRONCESVAL S.L. changes in product and / or process, changes of suppliers, changes in location of the manufacturing facilities and, where required, obtain approval from BRONCESVAL S.L.


The supplier must have on file all documents that cover the product, pertaining to inspection, testing and control, covering a ten (10) years period.


The supplier shall provide the following documents as applicable:


The supplier must attach the following documents as appropriate:


Certificate of conformity Supplier: Certification statement created by the organization that refers to the originals of the certificate of conformity and of the manufacturer's documents that are retained and are traceable by the supplier.


Quality Standards Approval:Certificate that certifies that the production, design and specification of the product conforms to the required standard and current regulations.


Reports of tests / assay (Test Report)


VERY IMPORTANT:If our reception department does not receive the above mentioned documentation at the time the order is received, we will proceed to issue a discrepancy report, which will involve BRONCESVAL S.L. non-acceptance of the order. 


The supplier must have implemented a quality control system that applies to the supplied product based on the latest edition of ISO 9001 / AS 9100 / EN 9100.


The supplier must prevent the use of unapproved or suspected unapproved materials and counterfeit materials.


The supplier must give assurances that the staffs of their organization are aware of their contribution in the compliance of the product or service to the safety of the product and of the importance of ethical behavior.