Quality Policy - Broncesval

Quality politics

The General Management of BRONCESVAL SL wants to formally express with this declaration, the general quality policy established for this company, in accordance with the criteria established in ISO 9001-2015 and UNE-EN 9120: 2018, as well as with all legal and regulatory requirements that apply.


BRONCESVAL SL, a company dedicated to the distribution and custom cutting of non-ferrous, ferrous and plastic materials, defines as a general policy, to achieve full customer satisfaction, pursuing the highest levels of quality, meeting the requirements specified in the stipulated deadlines already a competitive cost that allows us to achieve the expected profitability objectives.


The Management Policy is based on the following aspects and for this purpose its Management has acquired the commitment to:

  • Enforce the legislation and regulations required in quality processes, applying legal compliance to the activities that the company develops and the requirements required by our customers, even beyond the legal minimums that are economically and infrastructurally viable.
  • Promote differentiation in our services to offer the customer an interesting alternative adapted to their needs.
  • Establish the necessary means to publicize and explain to its employees the content of the Policy, programs and objectives of the organization and ensure by the Directorate the involvement in the fulfillment of the objectives and goals set. The culture of BRONCESVAL SL, considers that the Quality Management System, is not a matter of a person but is the result of a joint work of all members of the company, therefore, the entire organization is involved in the achievement of the quality of our services and in ensuring their profitability and competitiveness, trying to spread a culture of continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Continuous improvement must be present in all processes and services, developing corrective and improvement actions necessary to avoid the reappearance of internal and external problems, with the intention of achieving the highest competitiveness in the market.


The Management of the center extends this commitment to all employees as well as other interested parties, so that they comply with the guidelines of this policy, which will be reviewed periodically in order to ensure that they are always adequate to the activities of the organization and the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN 9120: 2018 standards.