Available formats: Bars, Tubes, and Plates


Acerin Delrin is a POM-C without additives that offers a unique balance between its physical properties that most other thermoplastics do not have. This acetal copolymer is an engineering plastic made for a wide variety of universal applications in many different sectors.


The main features of the unmodified copolymer POM include high mechanical strength and stiffness, excellent wear properties, low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability.


In Broncesval we commercialize the POM-C copolymer without additives; This material has a high crystallinity and a good degree of toughness (even in the lower temperature range), in addition to good chemical resistance.


DELRIN C (POM-C / Acetal) is an engineering plastic resistant to multiple cleaning agents and disinfectants, as well as various solvents. In addition, it can be sterilized with hot steam using the usual methods in the medical sector.


The fields of application are diverse and cover medical sectors such as joint reconstruction, traumatology, spine and many more. POM-C is particularly suitable for use in size tests in knee, hip and shoulder replacement processes, and in other surgical instruments. It is suitable for any medical application that requires biocompatibility with limited contact with skin and tissues for up to 24 hours and, if necessary, indirect contact with blood.


A fundamental characteristic of DELRIN C is its resistance, it is a rigid, firm and hard material, it has good sliding and friction properties and very good electrical insulation. Other properties include:

  • High chemical resistance, especially to alkalis, solvents and fuels
  • High strength, hardness and elastic stiffness
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good dimensional stability

Physical Properties

Physical Properties Rule Units Values
Specific weight ISO 1183 g / cm3 1,41
Water absorption upon saturation ISO 62 % 0,85
Moisture absorption at 23 ° C? 50% RH ISO 62 % 0,2
Upper limit of working temperature - ºC 100
Lower limit of working temperature - ºC -50

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties Rule Units Values
Elastic limit (2) ISO 527 MPa 63
Elongation in performance (2) ISO 527 % 10
Tensile strength until breakage (2) ISO 527 MPa -
Elongation to breakage (2) ISO 527 % 33
Traction Module (2) ISO 527 MPa 2800
Impact resistance without notches ISO 179 KJ / mm2 280
Notched Impact Resistance ISO 179 KJ / mm2 8
Rockwell hardness M ISO 2039 N / mm2 84
Shore D hardness DIN 53505 ° Shore D -
Flexural strength - at 3.5% ISO 178 MPa 89
Flex module ISO 178 MPa 2500
Compressive tension (1% voltage-23 ° C) ISO 604 MPa 19
Compression module ISO 604 MPa -
Deformation under load 100 Mpa-24 hr- RT - % -
Poisson relationship Abs 0,43

(1) For a tension-free resistance of 5000 h: approximate reduction of the value in 1000 hours to 50% of the tensile strength. (2) Stabilized in air at 50% relative humidity. (*) Drying / stabilizing in the atmosphere 50% HR -23 ° C. (**) Stabilizing in the atmosphere 50% HR -23 ° C. (***) Resistance to UV exposure is achieved with pigmentation or specific additive. (****) Bonding and painting are possible after a special surface treatment. The data shown in this table have been determined in our laboratories and should only be considered as a useful reference; They did not commit for us in the different forms of application. As a result of our technological experience and our best knowledge, the data offers an initial evaluation of the polymer. This data cannot be applied to finished parts as obtained under specific conditions and is only an average value. Values should be considered a useful reference and are given without compromise.


  • DELRIN C bars
  • DELRIN C pipes
  • DELRIN C plates

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