Technical Plastics

Technical Plastics

Technical plastics represent around 20% of world plastic production. The qualities of these materials exceed those of standard plastics, which leads to a higher price as a consequence. In Broncesval we provide all kinds of technical materials, if you have any questions please contact us, our experts will help you solve it with the most recommended action.


The intended use of technical plastics is not for optical or haptic purposes, but only for technical applications.


Technical thermoplastics usually withstand high temperatures. They are particularly characterized by high durability, good viscosity and shock absorption, as well as generally good processing and a balanced cost-benefit ratio. Technical plastics (PA, POM, PC, PP, PEEK, PET, PTFE, PE, PVC, ETC ...) are used for all types of applications. As a consequence, sliding bearings, rollers and wheels or seals, as well as shaped parts, insulators or housings and workpiece holders are made of these materials.


Many traditional materials, such as metal components, are increasingly replaced by high-quality plastics thanks to their known advantages, such as good abrasion resistance, no corrosion, excellent sliding characteristics, high durability, good resistance Chemistry, dimensional stability and high temperature stability.


PE 300 | PE HD

PE300 polyethylene known as HDPE is a lightweight and resistant engineering plastic with high impact resistance. It also has excellent chemical resistance with very low moisture absorption ...

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PE 1000 | PE UHMW

PE 1000 known as PE UHMW (Ultra-high molecular weight | Ultra High Molecular Weight) is polymerized with a modified Ziegler catalyst. The density decreases and the sliding friction coefficient is improved ...

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Nylon 6 or polycaprolactam is a semi-crystalline polyamide. Unlike most other nylons, nylon 6 is not a condensation polymer, but is formed by ring opening polymerization ...

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Nylotron or PA6 + MoS2 is a polyamide with excellent qualities, such as hardness, shock absorption, noise, vibration, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, etc. It is capable of withstanding dynamic loads, it is quite resistant to heat ...

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It is a cast nylon polyamide modified with a special lubricating oil, which is particularly suitable for sliding applications and in conditions a cast nylon with internal lubrication that uses a patented solid lubricant package ...

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Delrin H (POM-H) is a homopolymer acetal that has exceptional slip properties and good wear resistance. Compared to POM-C, it has a slightly higher density, hardness and strength ...

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) commonly known by the trade name Teflon and is a polymer similar to polyethylene, in which hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine atoms, PTFE is a particularly versatile opaque white ivory plastic fluoropolymer ...

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PE 500 | PE HMW

The PE 500 known as PE HMW, offers good resistance to wear and abrasion, along with a good combination of stiffness, toughness and strength, as well as being easily welded just like its other versions such as PE 300 ...

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PVC stands for? Polyvinyl chloride ??? In Spanish it means "polyvinylchloride", which is a plastic that arises from vinyl chloride. PVC is also known as vinyl. PVC is obtained by the combination of ethylene and chlorine ...

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This unmodified grade produced by an anionic polymerization smelting process demonstrates characteristics similar to those of PA 66E and smelting products contain significantly lower stress levels ...

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It is a cast nylon polyamide modified with a special lubricating oil, which is particularly suitable for sliding applications and in dry running conditions. The homogeneous distribution of the lubricant ensures a constant sliding behavior ...

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Acerin Delrin C is a POM-C without additives that offers a unique balance between its physical properties that most other thermoplastics do not have. This acetal copolymer is an engineering plastic made for a wide variety of universal applications in many different sectors ...

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PET is one of those plastics that are an important part of your daily life. It is an important commercial polymer that has applications ranging from packaging, fabrics, films, car parts, electronics ...

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Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a semi-crystalline high performance engineering thermoplastic. This rigid opaque material (gray) offers a unique combination of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, wear, fatigue and creep ...

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Here you will find our extensive catalog. It is divided by types of material. Within each material you will find all the corresponding products, such as aluminum sheets, nylon bars, polyethylene plates, polyethylene bars, teflon plates, delrin bars, teflon bars, delrin plates, copper plates, copper bars , pvc plates, pvc bars, technical plastics, aluminum bars, aluminum plates, etc.

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