Chemical Symbol: Cu


Round, square, rectangular and tube profiles.


Copper has the higher thermal conductivity of all metals, after silver, and this property explains the 50% of its use. It improves energy efficiency and with its use the duration of the products in which it is applied is optimized.


Copper is very easy to work and can be molded in almost any shape, obtaining profitable products both for industrial applications and for the final consumer.


It can be recycled again and again without losing any of its properties. For this reason, it has the more extensive recycling history Among the materials known to civilization and it is estimated that 80% of all the copper extracted during the last 10,000 years is still in use.


It was one of the first metals used by humans in prehistory and is currently the third most demanded in the world.


Copper and copper alloys are resistant to cracking and wear, as well as being very durable materials and attractive appearance. Therefore, many architects and designers choose copper over and over in their constructions and creations.


When products containing copper are no longer useful, the recycling industry picks them up and removes copper again for reuse. Its use is therefore economical and sustainable. Copper plays a fundamental role in the field of renewable energy and is used in very diverse activities, such as aquaculture.


Copper and its alloys are present in all means of transport: cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships and airplanes. The new electric cars, for example, can contain up to 33 kilograms of copper between the engine, the battery, the cables and other components.


Copper cables are the most requested for computer networks, because allow to transmit data in an excellent way, hence it is frequently used to ensure that the telephone, internet or digital television in homes and offices work properly.

High electrical conductivity

Copper is one of the materials that better transport electric power from one point to another, so it is used in a large number of applications, such as telecommunications or domestic and industrial facilities.


B97 | CuCr1Zn

B97 is a copper alloy hardened by precipitation copper chrome zirconium CuCr1Zr. It has high mechanical and electrical properties, in the heat treatment condition, this alloy retains the mechanical properties ...

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B95 | CuCo2Be

B95 CuCo2Be copper alloy is a hard copper alloy with high thermal conductivity and high mechanical properties combined with good hardness and high temperature resistance. Good resistance to tempering ...

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B950 | CuNi2Yes

B950 CuNi2Si copper alloy is a precipitation hardened copper alloy. It has high mechanical and electrical properties. In artificial aged tempering, the alloy exhibits high strength and hardness, good strength ...

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B952 | CuBe2

The beryllium copper alloy B952 CuBe2 is one of the copper alloys with the highest mechanical properties, its resistance can reach 1500 MPa after work hardening and its excellent mechanical properties ...

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C101 | Cu-ETP

C101 or CW004A is also known as HC or high conductivity copper. It has a nominal conductivity of 100% IACS (international standard for annealed copper). It also has high thermal conductivity ...

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C103 | Cu-HCP

C103 or CW021A is used in applications with demand for high electrical and thermal conductivity. Also in the use of parts to weld or weld. It is also used for plating. Application examples: devices for electricity and…

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