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Water cut

Water Cut

  • Cut flat shapes of all types of materials from our facilities.
  • To make the cut you need the bounded drawing or .dxf or .dwg file of Autocad 2000 or earlier version.
  • This type of cut is a saving in machining and is never a final machining.

Cut to size.

  • Round bar, square and plates cut to size requested by the client.
  • PVC is not cut.
  • Profiles It is cut only under full unit supply.
  • The cut we make is longitudinal.
  • Shape cutting is done in water cutting.

Delivery in 24 / 48hs.

In Broncesval we are committed to having all your work prepared within a maximum period of 24/48 hotas.

Bronze, brass, aluminum and iron foundry:

Centrifugal casting, gravity casting, sand casting, metal mold, injection. Caps and parts under drawing. In-house model making.


Here you will find our extensive catalog. It is divided by types of material. Within each material you will find all the corresponding products, such as aluminum sheets, nylon bars, polyethylene plates, polyethylene bars, teflon plates, delrin bars, teflon bars, delrin plates, copper plates, copper bars , pvc plates, pvc bars, technical plastics, aluminum bars, aluminum plates, etc.

Specialized Technical Advice

We have specialized staff with extensive experience in the sector for any specific advice they need.

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