Advanced specialized mold alloys

ALUMEC 79 | 89 | 99 | 100 | HT

Mold Formats

They are specialized advanced alloys for today's molding technologies.

High performance mold materials

Alumec 79 89 99 100 HT products are specifically designed to maximize the operational benefits of using aluminum alloys for today's molding technologies, including injection molding, RIM, structural foam molding, vacuum forming, blow molding and rubber molding.


The chemical composition of the alloy EN AW 6005 (A) is characterized by its Cr and Mn content, which exerts an anti-crystallizing effect in artificial aging processes.

The chemical composition and production processes adopted give this Alumec 79 89 99 100 HT alloy the ability to easily acquire temper.


Consequently, mechanical properties are achieved even in those parts of the profile that are not completely exposed to heat exchange.

Using Alumec molds instead of steel substantially reduces production costs in several ways:

Faster and less expensive manufacturing.

Being much easier to machine, Alumec 79 89 99 100 HT molds can be made in a third of the time equivalent to steel, with corresponding savings in manufacturing costs. (Auxiliary components, such as accessories, abutments, and bushings, are cost neutral, as conventional steel components can be used.)

Lower operational costs.

Alumec 79 89 99 100 HT molds weigh up to 60% less than steel equivalents, making them easier to handle and store, and put less pressure on your process machinery. In addition to prolonging the life of the press, the Alumec specification also reduces your spending on tools, machine setup, mold maintenance and continuous consumables.

Massive productivity gains.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum is many times greater than that of steel, which means that Alumec 79, Alumec 89, Alumec 99, Alumec 100 and Alumec HT molds can reduce molding cycle times and therefore increase production, between 30 and 50%.

A faster change.

Using Alumec products also saves time in both design and production because less complex cooling systems are required.

Strength and consistency:

Machinability and superior finish.

With metal breakout speeds at least four times greater than steel, Alumec has excellent machinability and is easy to cut and erode with wire. High performance surface finishes are equally easy to achieve with a wide range of processes including chemical nickel plating and hard chrome / anodizing.


EDM polishing and photo-etching offer more uniform results compared to steel, and the consistently reliable microstructural integrity of Alumec alloys enables first-class mirror finishes to be obtained for optically critical applications.

Higher product quality.

Its excellent thermal conductivity allows an Alumec mold to cool more evenly, minimizing the risk of distortion in the molded part. Along with lower capital and production costs, total product consistency and substantially faster time to market, this business quality gain for choosing Alumec is underpinned.

Main features:

The right alloy for your process:

Faster and less expensive manufacturing.

Designed specifically for precision mold applications, the Alumec range has been developed to combine high strength and mechanical stability with outstanding machinability.


Over the three decades since the brand's introduction, new Alumec alloys have been developed to meet the improved performance requirements of specific molding technologies, such as better weldability and resistance to stress corrosion or high sustained temperatures .


For the specifier, this gives the security of knowing that the performance characteristics of an Alumec mold will exactly match the process requirements at all times, with all that this implies in terms of long-term reliable operation.


Alumec alloys are supplied fully heat treated, without the need for additional treatment.

Alumec 79 (In Stock)

  • High resistance with excellent machinability and stability
  • Greater consistency of hardness through thickness than 7075-T651
  • More sustainable strength than 7075-T651 (especially in thick sections)
  • Easily repaired welded

Sizes: plate thickness up to 305 mm and round bar up to 200 mm in diameter.
Applications: injection molding, simple thermoplastics and blow molding.

Alumec 89 (In Stock)

  • Even greater resistance than Alumec 79, with excellent machinability and stability
  • Even better thanks to the consistency of thickness hardness than Alumec 79
  • Easily repaired welded

Sizes: plate thickness up to 305 mm and round bar up to 200 mm in diameter.
Applications: More demanding injection and blow molding applications requiring increased wear and polishing resistance

Alumec 99

  • Increased resistance to cooling channel corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.
  • Higher resistance than Alumec 79 and 7075-T651
  • Excellent consistency of hardness through thickness.
  • Easily repaired welded.

Sizes: plate thickness up to 305mm.
Applications: processes that require long-term use, such as blow molding.

Alumec 100

  • Derived from advanced aerospace technology
  • The most resistant Alumec product combined with excellent machinability, durability and stability
  • Improved resistance
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Even better thanks to the consistency of thickness hardness than Alumec 89
  • Easily repair gas tungsten arc (GTA) or metal gas arc (GMA) weld processes using a 2319 filler wire.
  • Alternatively, 5356 can also be used.

Sizes: plate thickness up to 305mm.
Applications: Higher volume injection molding application requiring superior wear resistance and polishability.

Alumec HT

  • Maintains resistance to mold temperatures up to 180 ° C (unlike most aluminum alloy mold materials)
  • Minimal variation in mechanical properties throughout the thickness range
  • Good consistency hardness through thickness

Sizes: plate thickness up to 305mm.
Applications: rubber molding.


  • Alumec 100
  • Alumec 99
  • Alumec 89
  • Alumec 79
  • Alumec HT

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