Aluminium MIC 6




The plates MIC6 being washed out directly has made it able to be stabilized which will guarantee a superpurb form.

The milling of both faces to the precision plates MIC6 obtains an exceptional rectitude and superficial maximum ruggedness of 0 ' 50 microns.

The low density of the precision plates MIC6 is allowed by them
1 º power Saves in the elements of transmission 2 º Important reduction of the energetic cost 3 º Reduction of the costs mechanized and maintenance

Due to the characteristics of the precision plates MIC. 6 allow to win time and money eliminating the operations of rectified and milling of surface. Besides with regards to the steel or products laminated in aluminium, the speeds of the mechanized one are the top and the wear of the tools become wore down.




Dimensional tolerances Surface State fresado for 2 faces Ruggedness: 0,5 microns Tolerance in the thickness:
Esp. 6 ' 35 to 101 ' 6 +/-0 ' 127 m / m

Alloy series 7000 (To, Zn, Mg, Cu) Resistance to the break 166 Mpa Limit elastic tape 71.000 Mpa Alargamiento 3 % Hardness Brinels 65 HB Density 2 ' 8

Esp. 6 ' 35 to 15 m / m
0,38 m / m Esp. 16 to
40 m / m 0 ' 127 m / m

Coefficient expansion Of 20 to 100ºc 23 ' 6 x 10 (-6) Of 20
to 200ºc 24 ' 5 x 10 (-6)


Plates cut to the requested measurements Discs: maximum Diameter 1520 m / m

Thermal conductivity 142 Wmºk to 20ºc electrical Conductivity 36 % to 20ºc (%IACS)




The precision plates aluminium MIC6 are elaborated thanks to the only patent procedure fruit of several decades of investigation that awards exceptional qualities of geometry and stability in the manufacture with the thermal treatment it allows to obtain a product completel and distended.

Thanks to the characteristics of Alcoa Cast's Plate is absolutely soldable bearing the following precautions in mind:

It is possible for the effect(to carry out) an oxidation to be used as a protection end (purpose):

Every plate of precision MIC6 is inspected by laser to 100 % to guarantee the geometric tolerances.

Method TIG or MIG with thread of contribution in Alloy 4043 (5 % of Si) The end is staggered in V for a lower thickness than 12.70, and in double V for a top thickness.

The decorative employment is dissuaded so it is possible to find strides or differences of color between the chunks or inside the same chunk.

The application of PVC's movie on both faces allows to protect the plates during the manipulation and mecanical processes..
Warm-up of the plate of 200-250 º The plates are gathered within two points to reduce the heat loss

It is equally possible to effect(to carry out) a hard oxidation to the obtained thickness hardnesses of 500-800 Vickers.


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